Who We Are

In our busy world, it can be difficult to appreciate the small things in life. As lovers of tea, we try our best to share a moment of mindfulness and tranquility, a break from the usual, whether it be a busy lifestyle, or simply too many bland cups of tea.

We're passionate about awakening the love for tea in those who want to explore tastes that are new and interesting, and believe with the right flavors, anyone can come to appreciate not just the perfect tea, but the moment it represents, and perhaps enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle, one in which even the smallest things are appreciated.

Our mission is simple. We want to spread mindfulness, health, and happiness, through premium quality, delicious, flavorful tea. We hope you'll discover a new favorite tea each and every time you open one of our packages, and that we open up a never ending series of special and meaningful moments, whether enjoying some time alone, or together with friends or family.